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VOTE GAGA I LUV HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U BETTR DO IT!!!!

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I went vegetarian

omg im a veggie now!

YAY Todays pic

Todays pics

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Picture of the day!!!

ok so I thought I should do a picture of the day. so here we begin. Note some days i might be very late so bear with me. LOL, Sam

funny pictures of cats with captions
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😦 I misssed my chance to buy “Monster Ball Tour” tickets………………


Lady GaGa

Well for the past month of two i’ve been absolutely obsessed with Lady GaGa. It’s new for me because i’m usualy obsessed with Katy Perry but of lately shes stopped writing new songs, shes even stopped putting updates on he website! So i listened to a Lady GaGa song called “Fashion” I loved it so i bought the confessions of a shopoholic album. After listening too it i was amazed, when i think of Lady GaGa i usualy think of crazy outfits and meaningless lyrics, but after listening to “Fashion” i was changed. That was like my first dose of drugs because after that i was adicted , i loved her outfits, songs, hair, lyrics, EVERYTHING!!!!!! So you can see why i was crushed when i went to buy my “Monster Ball Tour” tickets and they were sold OUT!!!!!!!!! I was devistated, so i took up the rest of the night and made myself Lady GaGa glasses! Heres a simple way to make these Lady GaGa look alike glasses without cuttting a whole in your wallet:
1, You need to find yourself a pair of 3D glasses.
2, Cut out the 3D lenses
3, decorate to your taste, then your done!!!!
I hope this post will get more visits to my sight!!!

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